TDF launches Cloud Connect

By 2018, 70% of Cloud users will use a Hybrid model, a mix of Public and Private Cloud (IDC 2016). Taking advantage of this very promising market, TDF, leader in infrastructure services, has launched its own service called Cloud Connect.

This Hybrid Cloud service is based on two technologies. The Private Cloud allows companies to store sensitive data in TDF’s datacenters. They can also have access to more than 110 Public Cloud suppliers thanks to a protected network.

TDF supplies the secure connections, but it also eases the hybridization movement by simplifying the Hybrid Cloud projects implementation. Indeed, Christine Landrevot, Telecoms and Services Director at TDF, says: “With this new service, TDF enables companies to achieve their Hybrid Cloud project thanks to a stable, secure and low latency connectivity and with no stress”.

Cloud Connect therefore allows companies to benefit from a single contact for both Cloud types and from a greater flexibility to change from one to the other depending on the project.

To conclude, Cloud Connect provides all companies with a simplified access to Hybrid Clouds.

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