About the company

This service is a worldwide network of sports and entertainment TV channels founded in 2012. Their live TV bouquet is available since June 2014 on iOS, Android and the web through a monthly subscription fee. Cognacq-Jay Image has deployed and delivered their end-to-end live solution in a challenging timeframe to meet the customer’s expectations and launch the service before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Live Head-End
  • Live ingest
  • Content encoding
  • DRM packaging
Content delivery network
  • Smooth Streaming
  • Origin Server
  • Catalog and metadata management
  • Offer & device management
  • Payment and invoicing
  • Subscriber support
Professional services
  • Project management
  • 99.98% prime SLA
  • Xbox and connected TVs

Key achievements

70+ tv channels for France, MENA and Asia

Scalable solution allowing quick launches for new areas

24/7 supervision with a 99.98% SLA level for OTT

A dedicated project team with a prime integrator role for the Cognacq-Jay Image perimeter

Full secured stream architecture to prevent piracy

Deep subscriber management policy through a high-level OTT back-end

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