TDF sells Cognacq-Jay Image

TDF sold an 80 per cent equity stake in Cognacq-Jay Image, a leading European media services firm. The three buyers are longstanding Cognacq-Jay Image directors – Alain Lorentz, Technical director, Nicolas Basdevant, Operations director and Philippe Bonpunt, Sales director. Each one has in-depth experience and know-how in managing and distributing video, audio and data content.

Cognacq-Jay Image serves 500-plus clients including TV channels, telecoms operators, VOD platforms and proprietary content firms.

This transaction will bolster Cognacq-Jay Image’s growth by enabling it to pursue its core business strategy focusing on media management.

Following the sale, Cognacq-Jay Image and TDF will continue to have commercial dealings via a partnership, whereby TDF will offer various services including transmission, hardware hosting and operational support, in addition to Cognacq-Jay Image’s services and solutions.

Press Release available on demand

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