Cognacq-Jay Image has been selected by France Télévisions to integrate the playout of its new 100% regional TV channel .3 NoA (France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine).

Show case of the creativity and innovation of the France Télévisions Group, this 100% regional TV channel is a youtube-like new generation media. Running with a limited budget, the channel is based on modern solutions (use of mobile phones and 4G network to stream live events for instance) and optimized technical and human resources.

Cognacq-Jay Image has been able to demonstrate its capability to propose innovative and low cost solutions during the selection process by France Télévisions and has managed to overcome all the challenges to deliver this playout. 100% IP, the playout has been conceived, configured, installed and the NoA technicains trained by Cognacq-Jay Image’s teams.

Based on off-the-shelf market tools  as well as video processing and  compliance recording software developed internally by Cognacq-Jay Image, this solution has allow the launch of NoA on due date, September 11th, 2018.

This new TV channel design could be replicated by France Télévisions for other French regions.