Your Broadcasting, Our Priority: Premium Quality and 24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring Solution

We offer comprehensive expertise in managing audiovisual infrastructures to ensure optimal broadcast of your content.

Monitoring Supervision:A Guarantee of Quality

Our monitoring supervision service relies on a crucial pillar: our highly qualified team.

Thanks to the human expertise of our technicians, our surveillance ensures premium quality, guaranteeing 24/7 content supervision and real-time monitoring of streams. Each member of our team is trained to ensure a seamless broadcasting experience by providing attentive and responsive monitoring of audiovisual streams.

Whether for major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup in Qatar for beIN Sports, highly anticipated series episodes like Game of Thrones for OCS, or to ensure constant broadcast, our team is committed to ensuring the reliability of the stream.

Automatic Monitoring:Technology Ensuring Reliability

Cognacq-Jay Image offers automatic monitoring solutions, based on internally developed tools tailored by our expert teams. 

These tools ensure continuous monitoring of audiovisual streams, ensuring smooth transition between primary and backup streams. With real-time feedback, we can quickly identify any anomalies, whether it’s signal loss, audio issues, or other irregularities. 

From managing probes to subtitles and graphics, our automatic monitoring covers all essential aspects of audiovisual broadcasting. 

Infrastructure and Equipment Supervision:Ensuring Broadcast Continuity

Supervision of infrastructures and equipment is a crucial pillar of our service offering. 

Our specialized team works closely with our clients to ensure broadcast continuity by closely monitoring the state of all components. Whether it’s server management, distribution networks, or equipment, our supervision allows us to anticipate and instantly resolve any potential failures, thus ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting.

Why CJI?

By choosing Cognacq-Jay Image for your audiovisual monitoring needs, you are opting for proven expertise and unmatched reliability.

Contact us today to discover how we can meet your specific needs in audiovisual monitoring and stream management.

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