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Video on demand involves offering customers a wide variety of content such as movies, series, documentaries, etc., on all connected devices (TV, tablets, mobile phones, …).


Catch-up TV, or replay, involves offering content previously broadcast on linear television, over a defined continuous period.
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Concept your video on demand platform


TVOD (Transactional video on demand): allows customers to purchase video content à la carte. There are two categories of paid TVOD platforms.


SVOD (Subscription video on demand): customers subscribe to access content unlimitedly.


AVOD (ad-supported video on demand): customers access content for free in exchange for watching advertisements.


DTO (Download-to-Own): customers purchase content once and access it for an unlimited period.

Regardless of the chosen video platform, you will need to:


Exchange your content with studios, production companies, dubbing/subtitling companies, broadcasters, etc. These files, called “source files,” require specific means to accelerate and secure transfers.

Store and Format

Store if necessary and format your content so that it can be readable on all devices (televisions, tablets, mobile phones, etc.).

Quality Control

Ensure that each content is correct through an automatic control system.


Secure your content with various encoding systems to protect them from piracy (digital rights management) but also with watermarking to identify the origins of leaks (rights licenses).


Organize your content in your catalog with media management offerings.

Set Prices

Set prices and manage currencies.


Manage payment methods according to the type of transaction (pay-per-view, subscription, etc.).

Web Interface

Offer a pleasant and tailor-made user interface, through a website or a mobile application developed by our partners or the one of your choice.

User Experience

Offer a unique customer experience by delivering your content in the best possible quality via a powerful and international content delivery network (CDN). Our content delivery networks are based on Akamai traffic and Cognacq-Jay Image services.


Provide your users with all relevant information regarding the content (title, actors, etc.) through our editorial metadata management.