Manage and distribute your content worldwide

Content Management Solution

SmartJog allows you to manage and distribute your content worldwide

What we can do for you

Managing, orchestrating, and monitoring complex workflows with cutting-edge tools

Converting your media content into the required formats for multi-screen delivery

Managing the rights to your content across all platforms via the Cognacq-Jay Image network

Storing and sharing media content in a highly secure environment

SmartJog Around the World

Our Skills

All the tools to manage and orchestrate your media workflows

  • Creation and supervision of complex workflows
  • Option to add ancillary services
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Guaranteed media security

Store your files in a highly secure online catalog

  • Scalable platform with unlimited storage capabilities
  • Content stored in secure and redundant data centers
  • Optimized workflows and web interfaces
  • Access to rights control allowing direct external contribution

Easily manage and operate your (S)VOD and Catchup portals

  • Automated platform to process and manage your video content
  • Support for all audio and video formats
  • Content tailored to the video outputs of all VOD platforms
  • Automated and optimized processing of your assets
  • Sophisticated post-production and processing tasks

Facilitate simple and fast exchange of your content

  • Immediate access to 500 companies in the entertainment industry
  • Guaranteed transfer integrity through the RBC protocol
  • Possibility to automate workflows
  • 24/7 supervision service and customer support

Process and distribute your content to all publishing platforms

  • Schedule your content with a comprehensive solution
  • Measure your audience with analytics and reporting tools
  • Manage your workflows with collaborative web tools
  • Control and manage your agreements, from rights to contracts
  • Enhance and publish your video content
  • Easily collect your revenues and royalties

Our SmartJog clients

CJI et ses équipes savent d'une part répondre aux besoins et d'autre part proposer de nouvelles prestations en fonction des évolutions technologiques. Cet accompagnement est un service client plus qu’apprécié.