Broadcast on all devices

Multi-screen OTT Solution

Our solution enables the distribution and monetization of your content on all connected devices.

What we can do for you

Manage your catalog and video offers (business models & prices)
Prepare your content in the required formats

Protect and monetize your content with an online payment system (registration, payment window, billing, etc.) and DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Control access to your services (geographical areas, authentication, etc.)
Our skills

Who it works ?

Our skills

Creating and adapting your offers to your business model

  • Organization of content and metadata
  • Definition of business models (TVoD, SVoD, etc.)
  • Promotion of offers

Ingest, transform, secure, and orchestrate your workflows

  • Live and on-demand ingestion
  • Transformation and storage of media content
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Content security with DRM

Designing your service and interface ergonomics

  • Catalog navigation
  • Live, VoD, and Catchup
  • Multilingual application

Benefit from an international payment system, including customer authentication, financial dashboards, and customer service

  • Customer authentication
  • Payment interface
  • Financial dashboard
  • Customer service

Delivering your content to all screens

  • Geographic restriction
  • Secure delivery
  • Statistics
  • Almost unlimited delivery capacity

Our OTT clients

For several years, we have maintained a strategic partnership with CJI, leveraging their expertise to bolster our OTT capabilities. CJI has consistently provided us with exceptional support, equipping us with the advanced technologies necessary for comprehensive encoding and distribution processes. Their contribution has been instrumental in enhancing our operational efficiency and service quality.
Faisal Mahmoud Al-Raisi

Director of Digital, beIN MEDIA GROUP