Press Release

In the dynamic world of media distribution, enduring partnerships often drive innovation and efficiency. Alpha Networks, a prominent provider of software solutions for the video distribution market, and Cognacq-Jay Image (CJI), a leading service provider for Digital and AI Platforms, Headend, OTT and Playout Services, have collaborated for over a decade, delivering solid solutions and latest innovations to large telcos, and sports broadcasters. Together, they provide cutting-edge solutions, continuously evolving to meet the diverse needs of global broadcasting. Here are the three main highlights of their technological partnership:


Alpha Networks’ advanced video products, such as the Tucano modular video software and the Gecko advanced video platform, combined with Cognacq-Jay Image’s expertise in digital and OTT platforms with content management, ensure scalability. This means that their solutions can handle increasing demands without compromising performance.

Highly Secured Solutions

Security is paramount in the media industry. With Cognacq-Jay Image’s capabilities in managing security through DRM and watermarking, and Alpha Networks’ robust security measures, the partnership offers highly secure solutions to protect content from piracy and unauthorized access.

Flexibility with Advanced Integration

The integration capabilities brought by Cognacq-Jay Image, coupled with Alpha Networks’ advanced video products, provide flexibility in handling different video formats. This ensures seamless integration into complex ecosystems, allowing for efficient deployment of end-to-end OTT solutions.

Together, Alpha Networks and Cognacq Jay Image can support complex use cases featuring:

  • Low Latency UHD Live Streaming for Sports
  • Security Management via DRM and Watermarking
  • End-to-End OTT Deployment in Complex Ecosystems
  • Best Class Services on UX and Qos,

Innovative Features for Content Discovery and Enrichment to Meet New Market Trends

In addition, the two companies are introducing significant innovative features to ensure support for the latest trends in the market. This includes AI metadata content tagging, SS targeted ads, and Data Driver UI.

By combining Cognacq-Jay Image’s AI metadata capabilities with Alpha Networks.’s SS targeted ads and Data Driver UI, our joint offering becomes even more powerful. Cognacq-Jay Image’s AI-driven metadata enriches content with descriptive tags, facilitating Alpha Networks’ targeted advertising system to deliver personalized ads based on viewer preferences. Furthermore, the Data Driver UI enhances the effectiveness of CJI‘s metadata by providing actionable insights into viewer behavior and ad performance. This synergy between AI metadata, targeted advertising, and data analytics results in a comprehensive solution that maximizes revenue, improves viewer engagement, and optimizes content delivery for broadcasters and content providers.

Finally, Cognacq-Jay Image’s Artificial Intelligence offering is quite extensive with tools such as ad cue points for creating advertising inventories, auto trailer with smart trailer creation, cropping solutions to adapt to all formats, and many others.

Long-standing Partnership with beIN Media Group

A significant testament to the success of this collaboration is the long-standing partnership with beIN Media Group. For almost a decade, beIN Media Group has relied on Alpha Networks and Cognacq-Jay Image for the development, maintenance, and support of its Over-the-Top (OTT) platform for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Over the years, the two tech providers have supported beIN Media Group through various challenges, including transitioning from a hybrid B2C/B2B to a B2B-only approach and successfully broadcasting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

Thanks to a comprehensive solution, Alpha Networks’ Tucano APIs are seamlessly integrated with numerous front-end providers and payment gateways, allowing beIN’s OTT platform, beIN Connect, to address multiple operators and satellite operators in the MENA region effectively.

Alpha Networks, with its modular software Tucano, enables swift integration with any legacy system, providing innovative solutions for media companies and operators worldwide. As a global system integrator for beIN, Cognacq-Jay Image provides the entire platform, including Alpha Networks’ technologies, as well as head-end services, stream security, and 24/7 operation services. Their dedicated team of experts ensures high-quality work, delivering the best customer experience possible with 4K quality and advanced monitoring for SVOD, OTT, and Head-End services, especially in high-stakes sports competitions.