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Whether you want to strengthen your team with qualified talents or develop your own career, our personnel delegation program opens the doors to innovation and continuous development. 

Why hirepersonnel outsourcing services

Personnel outsourcing with CJI offers a real advantage. Do you need a few people for the deployment of a management system or any other project? Cognacq-Jay Image has in-house trained experts with dual professional and technical expertise.

Why use this service?

  • Experts at your disposal in various fields: IT, broadcast, project management…
  • Recognition of our expertise in the media sector
  • A customized service (flexibility, missions, duration).

Your career at CJI: a constant evolution

At Cognacq-Jay Image, we firmly believe in the professional development of our collaborators.

Thanks to our unique approach combining internal and external projects, our collaborators benefit from enriching professional growth.

Internal projects enhance your experience, providing a real advantage for your professional advancement, while external projects with clients allow you to contribute to innovative initiatives.

Seize the opportunity for innovation: digital department and ambitious projects

With our digital department, you will have the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects in the field of audiovisuals.

Our teams combine dual expertise in both business and technical aspects, providing you with the opportunity to contribute to various projects such as control room deployment and NRCS (Newsroom Computer System) development.

We are committed to delivering highly qualified profiles to our clients and real experts in the audiovisual field, thus ensuring unparalleled quality.

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