In March 2017, TDF published a study made by Ifop, an opinion polling institute, on the various TV reception modes in France, especially with DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television). Here are the key elements of this study.

French people prefer DTT
Today, DTT is the favourite TV reception mode of French people: 70% of them have at least one TV working with DTT at home. The principal reason for that is that they want to benefit from a better quality of TV reception. For them, DTT has numerous advantages: it works immediately when you turn your TV on, it is reliable, does not fail and allows you to zap fast. Moreover, thanks to DTT, TV does not freeze or slow down anymore. However, for the panel, fiber is still considered as the best TV receptor.

A better quality than other TV receptors
When using an automatic tool for measuring the perceived quality, DTT takes the lead in the end. Moreover, the DTT quality has increased thanks to High Definition and today, we have a better image resolution, a purer sound and a more stable reception.

This is why French people are satisfied with DTT, and their loyalty shows it: only 18% of people using DTT plan to change their TV receptor during the coming year, while 24% of those using cable or ADSL plan to.

An easy access
¾ of French people have an operational access to DTT. The last quarter does not have an antenna to receive it.
This easy access is really important for them since 2/3 of French people would consider not having DTT in their home as a problem. To conclude, DTT is in the French habits, and this will be the case for a while.

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