In the Strategies magazine of January 29th, Bruno Fraioli lists the main factors that will ease the use of OTT, such as the generalization of connected TVs or the simplification of interfaces.

Even though the market is still dominated by ADSL operators, the generalization of smart TVs considerably increases the adoption of new practices for television. With about one out of four French households having a connected TV set and one third of TV sets sold being connectable, the French TV equipment rate evolves at a rapid pace.

OTT services become a real opportunity to offer content and generate new incomes for rights holders, especially for live event (such as sports, concerts…). OTT allows users to watch more content via a unique interface and also to organize the way they watch programs.

Vincent Grivet, Director of Business Development for the audiovisual department at TDF, assumes that the biggest challenge for OTT platforms is to design simple and intuitive interfaces. For example, Molotov has worked for several years on the optimization of the user experience, to allow people to access live channels and content classified by universe (replay, recording …) via a single interface and a unique remote control.

Nothing is more complicated than making it simple. However, it is what users want, and OTT service operators understand their expectations.

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