On January 25th, Mediametrie published a Press Release on the year 2016 in TV.

This document deals with the behavior of French TV consumers during 2016, focusing on a major innovation: Mediametrie is now able to measure the audiences of replay, while it used to report classic TV metrics only. Moreover, Mediametrie aggregates the measures of  all 4 screens (TV, computer, smartphone and tablet).

Replay has significantly increased during the last few years: it has tripled in 3 years. This is due to the multiplication of screens in every household. However, live remains the most popular way to watch TV in 2016.

Depending on the type of content to watch, we can also notice different behaviors. Indeed, sports are almost exclusively watched live, and so are the news that need to be fresh (people watch it on TV but also online). There is a diversity of practice regarding fiction: some like it live while others prefer it in replay (fiction represents about 45% of replay programs).

To conclude, ways to consume TV content are diversifying. Mediametrie is adapting its metrics to keep measuring new audiences, and it will still innovate in 2017.

Click here to read the Press Release.